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About us
Shenzhen plastic plastic products Co., Ltd.

is a professional R & D, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomer (TPR, TPE, TPV, TPU, TPEE, SEBS, SBS) polymer of high-tech enterprises, Taiwan factory was established in 1996, the mainland have two factoriesone established in 2003, another in 2013our factories has 13 production lines together, annual output of 12000 tons, the factory is located in Shenzhen, China, an area of twenty thousand square meters. In the field of plastic products, the stability of the material of the plastic enterprises is the foundation and reputation of the TPE industry.

TPE/TPR of the company's production is mainly divided into three categories:
One for ordinary class TPE/TPR, can separate molding, or PP, PE,, etc., have the color, black, translucent, high transparency and a variety of colors, etc..
The package glue TPE / TPR, and ABS, PC, PA and PS, POM, PETG and other hard plastic strong bonding process, natural, black, transparent.
Three out of class TPE / TPR, applied to a variety of wire products, earphones, data line, cable and hose material sheet, color, transparent, black and color pumping tablets.
The company's production of TPE (TPR) rubber materials have been widely used in: tool handles and diving activities, sports equipment, casters, massage insoles, ice boxes, doll toys, luggage accessories, wire and cable, adult products, auto accessories, stationery, environmental protection film, flexible pipe, sealing parts and plastic products.